In an effort to eliminate waste and keep our environment free of hazardous material, Aspire Technologies is proud to announce its technology recycling program! We offer a free and convenient way to dispose of your old, outdated tech, with peace of mind that all personal information will be completely erased beforehand, free of charge. Your data security is our number one priority. We recycle a wide variety of devices including:

Desktop and Laptop Computers
Cell Phones
Game Consoles
CPUs, Motherboards, and all other PC Components
Hard Drives Flat Screen Televisions

Why We Recycle

Electronic waste (e-waste) has become an increasing issue to our environment due to a rise in electronics production and consumption that has skyrocketed in the past couple decades. As e-waste quantities grow, the majority is still going into landfills where the battery fluids and non-biodegradable materials contaminate our ground water and release toxic chemicals into our atmosphere. The contents of Lithium Ion batteries, mercury, cadmium, lead, and many other chemicals present in e-waste are hazardous and need to be kept out of our landfills to the fullest extent. Aspire Technologies is a strong advocate for electronics recycling, and would love to be your partner in making sure all of your electronics undergo proper disposal.

For questions about how to safely dispose of your technology, please contact us.