Privacy Policy

Aspire Technologies values its customers above all else, and commits to responsible and secure information handling. We will use thorough security measures to protect the personal information we receive from you, and all communication between Aspire Technologies and our customers will remain confidential and private, both online and offline. Clear communication is extremely important to us, whenever we ask for your personal information we will disclose to you why it is needed and what will be done with it.

We will under no circumstances sell or lease your information gathered via our website, services, or by any other means except as necessary to complete all services that you request.

We will always use reasonable methods to ensure that your confidential information is safeguarded, but we advise that you exercise caution when sending data via email or any other online method. Aspire Technologies cannot ensure the security of any information transmitted through email, and the sending party assumes all liability for such information.

We may find the need to change our privacy policy as our company grows and develops. If any changes are made our website will be immediately updated with the current policies.

Your privacy is of upmost importance to us, and if you have any questions about our policy please contact us.

Last Updated: 3/1/2015